My story

Photography is my passion. Looking into the view finder and being to capture that frame forever allows me to show off my style, my creativity…my dreams. I use my photography, inspired by contemporary style, vintage simplicity and traditional elegance, as a way of sharing my voice and expressing myself.

When I’m not taking pictures, I am learning new techniques to expand my skill set in both photography and other artistic mediums such as fashion, hair, make up, painting, web and graphic design. In 2007, I sought professional training in Web Design and Graphic Design. After completing my education in 2008, I experimented with different mediums to find the one that allows me to share my voice and be heard the way I want to be heard. Photography did exactly this.

Authors tell their story with their words- thousands of descriptive words on a piece of paper that entice you to read on. Artists tell their stories with their pretty colors- each color selected strategically and placed exactly where it belongs to compose a final piece that ignites emotion in whomever glances at their masterpiece. I tell my story through my photography. Each photograph shares my vision, my voice…my story.

Welcome to my storybook.